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Solid organic-bacterial fertilizer "Biomix" is a new product of "Bioagro - Plant Biological Protection Center", a company producing organic fertilizers and biological preparations in Georgia.

Biomix is a multi-component, dry organic fertilizer, which is made with a special formula and technology, from 100% natural components.

Biomix can be used in all types of soil, under all cultures.

It contains a complex of micro- and macro-elements, humic and fulvic acids, phytoalexins, vitamins and plant protection elements necessary and necessary for the plant, and the fertilizer is enriched with peat.

The composition of the fertilizer also includes a wide range of microorganisms, such as nitrogen-fixing, phytosynthetic bacteria, fungi of the Trichoderma group, a complex of mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial microorganisms.

Biomix is the only fertilizer on the Georgian market that contains a complex of mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi are one of the main and important prerequisites for plant development.

All microorganisms are isolated and tested by the company "Bioagro - Plant Biological Center".
Biomix contributes to the improvement of the aggregate state of the soil and increases the fertility.

In short, biomix:
• improves soil aggregate condition and growth fertility;
• is an active biostimulant;
• promotes the development of beneficial microflora in the soil;
• Prevents plant diseases;
• Increases yield;
• It is a means of growing quality and clean crops;
• Each subsequent year is effective compared to the previous year;
• It is effective in both open and closed ground conditions;
• It is used as a supporting component for soil preparation for flowers and seedlings.

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