neem oil


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About the drug
Biological means of insectocaricidal action
Natural saponins isolated from the fruit of the soap tree have been added to the preparation for water solubility.

Use: Used in agricultural and decorative crops, forest and greenhouse nurseries, leafy springs: cochcides (false, shields), owls, trips, cheeks (fetuses, sphinares, sphinos, moths Against ticks, gardeners.
Neem oil also has a repellent property - it repels harmful insects.
It also affects the eggs of pests
It is used as a cleaning agent for leaves in decorative plants.
It also has fungicidal properties.
It needs to be repeated in 10-14 days.

For prevention or in combination with other drugs (Lepidin, Thuringin) 0.25-0.3% working mixture (250-300 grams dissolved in 100 liters of water.
Standard dosage: 0.5-0.75% working mixture (500-750 grams in 100 liters of water)
Maximum dosage: 1% working mixture (1000 grams per liter of water)

When using, keep in mind:

The upper and lower sides of the leaves should be treated well with the working mixture
As with other oil preparations, use in the early morning or evening to avoid leaf burn
Neem oil solidifies in the cold, below +15OC, and returns to liquid form after heating.
It is recommended to open in water with a high temperature of +15OC, and for ideal results it is recommended to use non-chlorinated water with a temperature of +18-22OC.

Approved for use on organic farms