Biocatena (biological fungicide)

Biocatena (biological fungicide)


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Fungi of the Trichoderma group are used as a means of biological protection of plants by applying them to the soil, as well as by foliar spraying. The fungi of this group, in addition to fighting plant diseases, help the plant grow and develop, absorb nutrients effectively, increase plant resistance to diseases, and participate in agrochemically polluted soil recovery.

Purpose: biological means of soil and plant protection with fungicidal action.
Composition: TRICHODERMA KONINGII B-7 MDI (+ Trichoderma harzianum + Trichoderma viride), titer 5x 10^9 spores/ml. (trichoderma group fungi)
Purpose: root rots, fruit rots, downy mildew, peach leaf rot, clusterosporosis, phytofluorosis, macrosporosis, rhizoctorosis, fusarium, verticillosis, pythiosis, alternariosis, perenosporosis, leg and others.

Crops: seed and fruit trees, vines, vegetables and orchards, berries, cereals, herbs, technical crops, decorative plants, flowers, etc.

Fruit trees: 8-10 liters per 1 ha.
Granularity: 5-6 liters per 1 ha.
Berries, vegetables, horticulture, decorative plants, flowers: open ground: 6-8 liters per 1 ha. Greenhouses: 2 liters per 1000 m2 of area.
Herbs, etc.: Open soil: 5-6 liters per hectare. Greenhouses: 1-1.5 liters per 1000 m2 area
Seedlings: Water the seedlings with a 4% working mixture (if you use mycorrhiza then follow the 5-7 day interval). When transplanting, apply 50-100 ml to each root. 2% working mix.

Seedlings: soak the root in a 2% working solution before planting, and pour 3 liters on each root during planting. 2% working mix.

Soil conditioning: spray after leaf fall - 10 liters per hectare.

Store in a place protected from sunlight at a temperature of +4...+10oC.
If the storage conditions are observed, it is suitable for 9 months after production

2% working mixture: proportion - 1 liter of preparation - 50 liters of water.
4% working mixture: proportion - 1 liter of preparation dissolve in 25 liters of water.

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